Ladies and Gentlemen, Good evening.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you here tonight, as Commancheros New York Support Organization (CNYSO) observes its 20th anniversary. I am indeed delighted that so many of you have joined us here tonight in the celebration of this milestone.

Commancheros New York Support Organization (CNYSO), an independent not-for-profit organization, began its journey in September 1993 with four (4) clear and distinct purposes. That of providing financial assistance to the LIME Commancheros Steel Orchestra (Cheros) in Grenada; providing moral support to members of “the band”; providing an avenue for members and supporters to socialize and fraternize with each other; and to provide support to causes deemed necessary by its membership.

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Absolutely no stranger to our cultural art form, having been involved with distinction in the Calypso arena and performing arts since the 1970’s.  During that period, he has unselfishly written and produced many compositions specifically for Commancheros Steel Orchestra’s renditions at Panorama.

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The skills of this member have been a pillar of strength for the band from its foundation. His ability to make things happen was so ingenious; it often got him into trouble.  He would be the one to initiate the action.  For example, he cleared a spot of land for the band to practice, this included cutting down a cocoa tree or two.  In those days, the value for these trees would equate to having the finance to send a child to school for a year if not more.  He was responsible for running electrical cables from the kitchen of his parents’ home without permission and connecting a light bulb to a tree, to provide light for practicing. The designer, the architect, the builder, from board stands to iron stands to mobile stands, whether with a hammer or the wielding torch, he always made sure there was enough for practice and play out.

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